Cattle handling equipment

We are happy to announce that we now have cattle handling equipment available for use. Agrarian Veterinary Services has a portable corral with an alleyway, two pens, and a head catch capable of handling up to 50 cattle at a time. This unit is completely portable and can be set up on any firm level surface in about 20 minutes.

We also have a hydraulic squeeze chute with integrated palpation cage and scales that can be used in conjunction with our corral our placed in front of your farms existing catch pen and alleyway.

You don’t need to learn how these things work, or have a truck to haul them. Just give us a call. We’ll bring them to you, set them up, and run the equipment, all you have to do is call your cows in.

If your interested in learning more, or scheduling a day to use them give us a call at 866-520-6763