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  • Posted on January, at 29,

    We are happy to announce that we now have cattle handling equipment available for use. Agrarian Veterinary Services has a portable corral with an alleyway, two pens, and a head catch capable of handling up to 50 cattle at a time. This unit is completely portable and can be set up on any firm level surface in about 20 minutes. We also have a hydraulic squeeze chute with integrated palpation cage and scales that can be used in conjunction with our corral our placed in front of your farms existing catch pen and alleyway. You don't need to learn how these things work, or have a truck to haul them. Just give us a call. We'll bring them to you,

  • Posted on October, at 20,

    Dr. Lincoln will be attending the Small Scale and Niche Market Pork Production Conference at the Tidewater Research Station on November 7th.  If you are involved in niche pork production this is a great conference to attend.  More details can be found here.  Small Scale and Niche Market Pork Production Conference- Brochure 2015

  • Posted on October, at 17,

    You may have noticed we have a new phone number. That's because we've grown and want to offer our clients a toll free way to contact us.  Don't worry we can still be reached at either the old number or our new 866-520-6763.  In an emergency simply select option 1 to be connected to a veterinarian.  This is available anytime day or night.  During regular business hours you can select option 2 to talk to the office manager about scheduling or routine questions.  If it's after hours simply leave a message and you will be called back during the next business day.

  • Posted on October, at 16,

    This event is being hosted locally by Theresa McManus of Keymon farm.  An excellent riding instructor. Equine Information and Demonstration Event                           Keymon Farm                         1059 Scotts Bottom Rd (Rt. 632)                         Dillwyn, VA 23936                           Date: Nov 1, 2014  Time: 9am to 5pm We are going to have a CROOKED Clinic! So what is that?  Well, we are going to have lectures and demonstrations from Bill Wood, the Saddle Fitter, Carol Nolan, the Horse Therapist, and Joe Breland, Farrier.  Additionally, we will have Ann Marie Hancock, the Osteopath Vet riding for us.   Wait, did I say Ann-Marie is riding in our Crooked Clinic?  Yes. We are going to show you how important it is to have everything (your horse and