Frequently asked Questions

Have questions related to your animals or our operation?  Dr. Lincoln answers a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Why has your phone number changed?

A: We’ve grown!  That means we now offer a toll free number, and our office manager is available to handle routine scheduling and inquiries.  Don’t worry though, we can still be reached at either the old phone number, or the new 866-520-6763.  In an emergency you can call either number and simply select option 1 to speak with a veterinarian.

Q: I have some back yard chickens. Do they need a vet?

A: In general, backyard chickens are pretty healthy. Maintaining good biosecurity is important to keep them healthy. They do need to be vaccinated against Marek’s disease, an airborne disease which almost all poultry are susceptible to. This often done at the hatchery, but can be done individually for home raised birds. More information on Marek’s disease can be found here. Poultry are also susceptible to a number of parasites. Moving their grazing area will limit but not prevent this problem. If your flock is sick or if you have homegrown birds that need vaccinated give us a call.

Q: Why can’t I send you an email?

A: We answer phone calls much faster than we reply to emails, and the veterinarian often needs to ask additional questions to accurately assess the needs of the animal.

Q: Will you diagnose my animal over the phone?

A: Accurately diagnosing and treating sick animals is what we are here for. Unfortunately, over the phone, descriptions of the problem only provide very limited information. It’s generally best to have us come out and examine the animal. That way we can give you the best possible diagnosis and treat the patient on-the-spot.

Q: I’m an established farmer, will you sell me prescription products?

A: Absolutely, once we have been to your farm and seen what the problem, is we will be happy to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Q: I’m a new farmer with a small group of animals that I raise naturally. My animals won’t need a veterinarian like conventionally farmed animals will they?

A: Unfortunately many disease are quite natural. Having a closed farm without animals coming and going will help prevent a number of diseases, but will not guarantee healthy animals. There are infectious organisms that live in the soil, parasites that can travel long distances, and host of nutritional problems that even the most pastoral animal can encounter.

Q: I’m raising natural organic animals. Should they be vaccinated?

A: Absolutely. Many diseases are found quite naturally in the soil or as a normal part of an animals surroundings. Vaccination is an easy and low cost way to prevent animal suffering. It is entirely organic and the use of vaccines is encouraged by the USDA’s National Organic Program. See Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations sections 205.603.a.4 and 205.238.a.6 here.

Q: Do you offer microchips for the identification of animals?

A: Yes, we can implant a microchip in almost any animal to provide it with a permanent and tamper proof form of identification. This can be extremely valuable in case an animal becomes lost or separated by accident or because of a natural disaster.